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Lockdown Laughter

A Look at the Funnies of the Last Few Months

What else can you do?

When the going gets tough, the tough get…er..giggling? Maybe it’s not always the best medicine – there’s a time and a place for a fistful of paracetamol, granted – but laughter certainly gets you through some tough times, and there have been few tougher than the last 10 weeks of lockdown. Whose phone hasn’t gone into meltdown recently with endless WhatsApp shares as we try and relieve the tedium of our isolation? Who hasn’t had their day brightened at some point by a bitingly funny meme?

Some Favourite Shares

So, as we now enter a looser lockdown and can finally start looking forward to a future that more closely resembles ‘normal’, I thought I’d look back at a few of my favourite shares which have helped lift the lunacy of late.

Remember when toilet paper was what you really wanted for Easter?

Yes, it’s hard to remember that we were less than a month into lockdown when Easter arrived. That now seems so long ago…which is to be expected when many of us have had 10 weeks of, well, chuff all to occupy ourselves with!

The New Daily Grind

Our priorities changed. Even those of us not normally smitten with statistics were suddenly glued to the maths and the science of Covid-19.

Deprived of our normal working routine, we filled our time commuting to the fridge and back.

Oooh, not good!

And with our beloved pubs closed, sales of alcohol soared, apparently leading some to suggest that we were drinking a little too much…

Me? Drinking more than normal?

What’s your poison?

For a while, though, it wasn’t just wine that was doing the joke-rounds. Thanks to Donald Trump’s ill thought out comments on the possible benefits of disinfectant in curing the virus we had things like this:

I’ll have what he’s having.

Of course, Donald Trump has always been a great source of entertainment for meme-makers. One of my favourites, which landed in my inbox during lockdown, is this:

There are no stupid questions, unless your name is….

In the Firing Line

But, in the name of balance, the American president wasn’t the only one getting bashed. China has appeared in a number of funnies over the last few months.

Yeah, China, you had it coming.

As did some of our beloved key workers:

Our New Normal

Still, as the days went on, we started to get used to our new way of living…the Thursday night #clapforourcarers, the wearing (or not) of face masks when out in public…

As a glasses wearer, I could have told you that ear might have come in useful…

We embraced a new way of communicating…

Topical and cultural…this really put a smile on my dial!

And a new way of working….

It’s amazing how many jobs can suddenly be done from home.

And as we got used to this new normal, we became more resourceful, especially in the early days when food supplies were erratic as supermarkets tried to adapt to our new spending habits.

Keeping it real…

‘Batshit Crackers’

I think over the last few months we have proved ourselves to be incredibly adaptable. But, just occasionally, it’ll hit you how totally “batshit crackers” (to quote Stef McGovern on the BBC’s HIGNFY) this whole situation is. I mean, last year, who in the world could have predicted what lay around the corner for us, as this eternal interview-favourite highlights:

Who would have thought?

You can but laugh.

Thank you

So thank you to all the great content creators who have dragged us through this dark time. By the time it reaches our tablets and phones, we have no idea who you are but just the same, we salute you!

What’s kept you going these last few weeks?

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