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What is a VA?

If you haven’t already guessed, a VA is a virtual assistant: someone at your beck and call (well, within reason!) via the end of a phone line, a Skype call or an email (hence the ‘virtual’ rather than ‘personal’ assistant). But when you look at what we actually do, ‘VA’ is a bit of a catch-all expression for the many different and varied tasks we might be called upon to perform. These may include:

  • managing social media;
  • diary and events planning;
  • arranging appointments (both business and personal) as well as
  • dealing with emails and other correspondence.

What about a Literary VA?

This, for me, is the really fun bit and that is working with other people whose business involves a love of language! They may be fellow writers, poets, authors or publishers. Depending on their audience-reach and the exact nature of their work, you could find yourself arranging publicity events or doing the leg work associated with submitting pieces to various publications or competitions and chasing up possible leads.

Let someone else organise it!

Let’s face it, most ‘creatives’ would rather be left alone to create, rather than sell themselves to agents and editors. And who’s got time for admin when the words are flowing and you are hunched over your keyboard in an eddy of ideas?

Time to get yourself a VA! Just fill in the contact form, and let someone else take the strain.

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