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It’s all about a love of language…

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Writer for Hire!


It’s impossible to hone your skills as a writer or editor or proofreader without first being a keen reader. Being a YA author, I do still read a lot of teenage fiction and also enjoy children’s fiction for the same reason…and that’s despite having left that phase of my own life a long, long time ago! But the key is to try a lot of different genres. You might surprise yourself. Belonging to a book club is a great way to force you to read outside of your own tastes.

Off The Shelf for April is CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters: Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil. Checkout the book review here!

A Few Books Taken Off The Shelf This Year….

“Don’t Skip Out on Me” by Willy Vlautin…I am a big fan, but why no happy ending?

“The Writing Life” by Annie Dillard

“The Lost World” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…a gripping explorer’s account of finding a lost Jurassic world in the middle of the Amazon rain forest.

“The Lunar Cats” by Lynne Truss…evil, swearing cats may not be everyone’s cup of tea!

“The Parent Agency” by David Baddiel…good fun!

“Scissors, Paper, Stone” by Elizabeth Day….annoying: how did this ever win awards?

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