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Welcome to the virtual home of TA Blezard!

If you are interested in my books and writing, then please jump over to where you will find everything you need and much, much more.

Otherwise, whether you are a language student or a college professor, a podcaster or YouTuber, if your interest is in any way connected with the wonderful world of words then you have come to the right place.

One small step towards world domination…

Writing For A Living

In 2018 I decided to hang up my motorcycle helmet (!) and make words my living instead.  For many years I have written children’s books (both fiction and non-fiction), with varying degrees of commercial success. When my ‘Space’ book was translated into Danish, for example, I felt like I had conquered the world! (Alas, I hadn’t, but we can all dream.)  

However, the business of words is not just about writing. I also enjoy teaching the nuts-and-bolts of the language to foreign speakers, and have taught all levels from non-alphabet beginners to Cambridge Proficiency, teaching adults and children alike, with classes ranging in size from a single student to 89 girls!  These days there’s pretty much nothing I haven’t come across before in the world of language teaching.

It takes more than one draft, and more than one set of eyes, to perfect a manuscript.

Editing & Proofreading

Being a grammar pedant has also allowed me to branch out and offer proofreading and transcription services. With a keen eye and a methodical approach, I can read through various document types from sales blurbs and articles to theses and manuscripts, checking for errors or inconsistencies. I will also make editorial suggestions (when asked for!) to improve and polish the article and in so doing capture the true essence of what the writer intended. 


For those whose favoured working media is audio or video, I can turn those files into a neat text-based document. The people requiring something to be transcribed might be journalists, students, lawyers, podcasters or YouTubers with their files being as diverse as their backgrounds. The one thing they all have in common is a need for accuracy, coupled with an intuitive, human approach. 

So, whatever form your interest in words might take, have a look around and see if there’s something I can do for you. 


Writer For Hire!

Like my writing? Need to hire a writer for yourself? No project too small…or too big! Just fill in the contact form or send a comment and I will get straight back to you. 



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